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A caffeine get-together with some friends at the new Dooby’s* on Charles Street.

“It’s what the ’80s should have looked like,” his friend joked.

An interior designer for Kirk Designs says he can buy his clothes and accessories from pretty much any venue, with an exception to shoes. “Well, I am picky about everything, but I am very picky about my shoes.”

He has a point. “I cannot buy them online. I want to try them on.”

Baltimore City isn’t really known for its fashion, but this Italian stud will give Charm City one thing: “I think though the city has its own unique style,” he said. “It’s changing, but it’s far.”

Hey, but with your ace on the denim-on-denim look –a more challenging look to pull off– the city’s definitely is on its way.

Jacket: Gap, shirt & belt: Ralph Lauren, jeans: J. Crew, boots: Hugo Boss, & shades: Ray-Bans

*Be sure to visit Dooby’s. Great menu, awesome space. The roast beef sandwich is divine.

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