Travis Davon Holds Listening Party for New Music

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“All the gloves is off. It’s just me raw.”

Photo Credit: Syranno Debergiak

Photo: Syranno

That’s how Travis Davon described the sound of his new mixtape “Back to the Future” at an intimate listening party at artisan sneaker shop For Rent, last night. Everything, from shirts to cups, read of a single hashtag in honor of the artists new single “Chillin.” It’s a song that celebrates being laid back with a “Baltimore two-step vibe.”

Download #Chillin

And though #Chillin may be new the streets, Travis Davon definitely is not. The artist, formerly known as Bossman, dropped “Law & Order” back in 2004 -a classic album that put Baltimore on the map. And after his involvement with various labels and producers, Davon is back with the same talent, just different name. “Hundred percent organic,” Davon said. He now has own label, Two Kings Entertainment, and is working on a tour.

Check out “Back to the Future”

You can find Travis Davon on Twitter @iamtravisdavon and

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