The Exchange Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Flyer courtesy of Exittheapple.

Flyer courtesy of Exittheapple.

For the past year, every second Sunday of the month, there has been a coming together of community members, neighbors, family and friends on the corner of 24th and Guilford streets. And the event is celebrating its one-year anniversary tomorrow, and it’s bound to be a grand time.

It’s called The Exchange, an event created by Oyin Handmade‘s owners Jamyla and Pierre Bennu, located at their art space, called Exittheapple.

“Our goal was to create a community of artists, vendors, consumers, and to do our part to help strengthen the wonderful creative networks that already exist here in Baltimore,” Jamyla said.

“We wanted to provide an affordable opportunity for artisans and craftspeople to reach their audiences in real time, to cross pollinate different scenes and circles in the city, and to make connections with each other.”

Exittheapple art space. Photo: Olivia Obineme

Exittheapple art space. Photo: Olivia Obineme

But as we’ve attended the monthly bazaar a number of times, it takes more of a great family reunion barbecue feel, filled with goodies, music you can get down to, and great food. You not only see familiar faces from the community, but also new ones -you know, like that great 2nd cousin of yours that you never knew existed, but once you guys get to chatting, you find out they’re really cool.

The Exchange. Photo: Olivia Obineme

The Exchange. Photo: Olivia Obineme

From the vendors to consumers, they are of all different races and backgrounds joined by their love of community, creativity, and support for small businesses.

Although The Exchange starts at 11, Sunday morning, plan on arriving early as the Bennu’s said there will be lots of giveaways for the first 25 people to attend. And as always the day will feature “a live DJ, amazing vendors, some snacks, and lots of great vibes.”

You can also expect to see some great local vendors, including Fly Nerd, Regal Clothes, Bmore BalmConfections with AffectionJ Bartley-ViVi Jewelry, and more. The event will even feature work by a 13-year-old abstract painter, named Melo.

With the first year under their belts, the Bennu’s look forward for the years to come, hoping to continue to be a resource to other entrepreneurs making their start. “We are looking forward to seeing each of our vendors grow and expand, as well as broadening the reach and promotion so that we widen the circle both for vendors and customers,” Jamyla said.

“We really want to become an unofficial micro business incubation mechanism or resource for as many independents as possible. We got our start in this way and feel like it’s an incredibly powerful tool.”

There is also more in the works for the local art space in Charles Village. Exittheapple will begin its “second phase of programming,” where you can expect future screenings, workshops, and other art events, this fall.

“Our goals are, as always, to create and appreciate film and visual art, to have fun, and to strengthen the bond between artists and audiences,” Jamyla said.

Jamyla and Pierre Bennu. Photo: Olivia Obineme

Jamyla and Pierre Bennu. Photo: Olivia Obineme

Exittheapple is an alternative media and arts company specializing in film and digital media, visual arts, gift books, and music. It serves as the creative home and personal studio for its “principal creative” Pierre Bennu, who is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and multidisciplinary artist.

It also serves as a semi-public space that can be rented out as possibly your creative workspace, from shooting videos with its green screen and white walls to hosting classes or meetings with its in-house storage of chairs and tables.

Exittheapple and its programming is a much needed part of the Charles Village neighborhood, and in the city, generally speaking.

“We are looking forward to continuing this work in a dedicated space here in Baltimore,”

And we’re looking forward to seeing all that is to come from Exittheapple, too.

For more on Exittheapple, check out the Instagram page or visit

The Exchange runs every second Sunday of each month, from 11am -3pm. Admission to The Exchange is free. To RSVP, visit:

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