The Autumn Gentleman

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“Ooh, I thought you were one of my best friends jumping me again!” This Zara loving gentleman was dapper from head to toe. He graciously walked back up Charles Street to a nearby café, where the camera equipment was stashed away and waiting. A music lover, but he says he’s mean in the kitchen too, this foodie showcases the perfect use of colors and layers for the season. You can add being a ‘stranger with style’ to your résumé too, good sir. Carry on.

Creator & managing editor of Strangers With Style. Happiest when her work allows others to shine, too. Lover of collabs, social media, blogging, fashion, food & the color blue.

  • Steven Stephon Howard

    My skin look sooooo bad that day :(
    Love the site :)


      Oh, stop. You looked great! Be sure to follow the FB page and Twitter for updates on our relaunch!