Celebrating Alcoholic Drink Holidays With A Chill Twist

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Summer is in full force in Baltimore. With temperatures soaring past 90 degrees people are definitely trying to find ways to cool off. You’d want to keep hydrated, but on a night out H2O isn’t always the first choice.

RYE is located at 807 S. Broadway

RYE is located at 807 S. Broadway

In Fells Point, RYE bar’s brought something new to its drink menu in honor of the “holidays” that mean the most –National Daiquiri Day (July 19) and today’s National Tequila Day.

And the “oasis in Fells Point ,” as regulars call it, is offering an interesting new way to celebrate. It’s “poptails” –introducing ice pops by local business KarmaPop.

KarmaPop proprietress Krystal Mack joined forces with the local bar to create a frozen take on drinks. Last week’s drink du jour was Blueberry Mint Daiquiri poptails. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

It’s a kind of partnership, RYE bar owner Doug Atwell is happy to be a part of, to use days like these to highlight what his establishment does best: create authentic craft cocktails.

“RYE has definitely schooled me,” Mack said. “Prior to this, my only experience with [these types of drinks] were from getting Piña Coladas or other poorly made drinks at restaurants that don’t specialize in cocktail crafting.”

“Now that I’ve had a more authentic one, I’m kind of hooked.”

So tonight head to the Fells Point waterfront and pop a squat at RYE, which will be featuring margaritas. KarmaPop will be offering another original poptail, sure to quench thirsts.

But, of course, drink (or pop) responsibly.

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