SWS Presents:Mini Fall Fashion Show & Mixer at G788

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CALL FOR SHOPS! FALL 2014 Show Submission Requirements

Strangers With Style is now accepting submissions for the mini fall fashion show. The purpose of this event is to promote diversity and community in Baltimore’s fashion industry, and to showcase a selection of local clothing shops as a preview of what they carry and sell in their establishments for the fall season for men and/or women. There are 10 spots for this show. Submission deadline is Saturday, Sept. 13th. Not all submissions will be chosen for this particular show, but they will all be considered if the following requirements are met:

  1. You must have a physical shop.
  2. Your shop must be located in Baltimore City.
  3. SWS Fashion Show Submission Form is completed with all contact information and received.
  4. Your entry fee of $30 is paid at the time of selection (you only pay if you’ve been chosen to take part of the show).
  5. Photos of possible outfits (max number: 2) you’d show are of good quality and details are visible.

*Outfit Requirements

  1. All outfits must include at least (but not limited to) clothing, accessories, and shoes in order to be a complete outfit for consideration.
  2. All outfit proposals must be in photograph form and cannot be smaller than 1200×1800 pixels. You may add descriptions to go along with your photos, if needed. That should be in your email.
  3. We’d prefer to see the outfits on either a person or mannequin/form.
  4. Your outfit(s) must include a product that is made by a local designer or vendor (i.e. locally made jewelry, bags, tops, bottoms, etc.)
  5. Outfits (all parts of it) must be ‘ReadyTo Wear’ (RTW) styles
  6. You may send in two (2) different outfits max for consideration of a spot in the show.

*Note: By submitting, you’re showing what your shop has to offer. What you submit doesn’t necessarily need to be what will be showcased at the event.​​

How to Send in Your Submission

Send your submission form, pictures of outfits, and any descriptions via email to strangerswithstyle@gmail.com, with Subject: SWS Fall Fashion Show Entry. Please give us your name and shop name in the body of the email.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at strangerswithstyle@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Well, there you have it. Best of luck to all the shops!

Tickets go live Monday, Sept. 8 at 10am. Space is limited, so make sure to RSVP.

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