SWS Newcomers: Kim Brewton of Linden Heights Ave

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SWS NEWCOMERS LOGOIn an age where many are finding the need to reinvent themselves, there are those in Baltimore, who are leaving the “cubicle life” to pursue their true passions. We’ve been seeing a lot of that happen in this town, and the retail industry is no different. In fact, the last few years have brought a wave of new entrepreneurs seeking to satisfy their dreams as business owners. We want to highlight the new guys in our latest series of “Newcomers.”

Don’t think there’s enough variety for your Baltimore shopping experience? We’ll introduce you to new spots, both in town and online. And yea, maybe even on trucks. Yea.

Kimberly Brewton of Linden Heights Ave. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Kim Brewton of Linden Heights Ave. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

First up, is Kim Brewton. Loyalty to her city runs deep. So deep, the Park Heights native pays an endless homage with the name of her shop called, Linden Heights Ave. “It’s the name of the street I grew up on,” she said. And she plans to represent her old stomping grounds in a location near you.

Linden Heights Ave has called Charm City’s “central neighborhood,” Mt. Vernon, it’s first home, as it officially opened its door in October, last year. Its simple orange and white storefront neighbors that of Iggies pizza. The shop offers mainly new and gently used clothing for all genders, but you can find other gems, like dishes, VHS movies, vinyl records, art, and other décor.

We chat more with the Calvert Street newcomer about her new venture in shop life.

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