Style Logs: Welcome Dominiece Johnson-Clifton

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When I was first asked to write for Style Logs, I was hesitant to accept the offer. Even as I brainstormed ideas, I hadn’t fully committed myself to being a part of the blog. I was more so testing out my writing style and seeing how my ideas unfolded.

Truthfully, I find it extremely intimidating to share myself with the world in this manner—to open up to strangers. My biggest reservation with being a part of Style Logs is that I don’t feel interesting enough to share my story with others in a manner such as this. I shared this exact sentiment when asked to participate in the blog, but that wasn’t enough to get me out of at least considering the opportunity. I’ve never blogged or read many blogs for that matter, so I had to do a bit of “research” before I even began to formulate my thoughts.

After several days of literally avoiding my laptop, I finally reached the point where I couldn’t come up with any more excuses or distractions for writing. It’s safe to say that I am out of my comfort zone. I decided to at least try this very unfamiliar thing. Fear will be the last reason that I turn my back on something new.

Dominiece Johnson-Clifton. Photo: Joyell

Dominiece Johnson-Clifton. Location: Dovecote Café. Photo: Joyell

In high school and college, I loved the world of fashion and tried really hard to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends. My younger self chose clothes that were popular—things that everyone was wearing. I just wanted to fit in with what everyone else was doing. After high school, I attended undergrad at the Mecca, Howard University…the real HU!  Howard isn’t your typical college experience where people show up to class in sweats and sneakers. It’s quite the contrary. At Howard, people dressed as if every day was a fashion show. Somehow, girls managed to show up to an 8am class with a face full of makeup, and high heels. I’m not a morning person at all, so I chose to indulge in a few more minutes of sleep over a beat face and freshly pressed hair. I still, however, thought a lot about how I looked though. My college years were the first time that I was interested in buying pieces that made me stand out.  I was no longer interested in subscribing to everyone else’s trends.  As a result of this newly acquired urge to be different, I went through a period of obsessive thrift store shopping and ended up with enough ’80s-inspired pieces to style Freddie for an entire season of A Different World.

Photo: Joyell

Photo: Joyell

Fast forward to today and my closet is an eclectic mix of colors, prints, and patterns. These are all of the things that are important to me and reflect the various phases of my life. I live for statement pieces—bold prints and colors, Afro-centric jewelry, large & bold earrings. These days I am much more focused on the whole story behind the items I wear. Instead of just going for what’s trendy or cheap, what’s hot in this month’s magazine, I try to purchase unique and intriguing pieces that are meaningful to my life’s story. I want to ensure that what I’m wearing shines a light on who I am as a person, what I value. If I’m really lucky, my clothes may even reveal a little about the things I am interested in and passionate about. Regardless of my many wardrobe evolutions, I have always been a true believer in the power of first impressions. Therefore, I generally try to carry myself in a manner that will positively reflect who I am to the world. More than anything else, I am a firm believer that good clothes open doors.  And so, my style is a reflection of all the doors that have opened for me over the years.  Now, when I’m purchasing new pieces to add to my collection, I think about how my story may evolve even more, and where, if at all, this particular piece fits in with whom I’m becoming. Stay tuned…I’ll share more about where I’ve been and the pieces I’ve collected to reflect my journey!

Dominiece is a native Baltimorean. She is a current Baltimore Corps fellow and serves as the Advancement Manager for The Contemporary Museum. A true Aquarius, she is independent, spontaneous and lives for adventure. She has lived in DC, New York City and China but is glad to call Baltimore home again. Her favorite things include morning meditation, Ankh jewelry, Asian food and reggae music. More than anything, she loves to travel and experience the people and cuisine of other countries.