Style Logs: Let’s Get Adele Birds

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Photo: Josh Flynn

Photo: Josh Flynn

Understand the value of a good time.

As if starting a business wasn’t stressful enough, I decided to go full cortisol junkie and also get married this year. Fun fact: the average cost of a wedding (not including the honeymoon) these days is $26,444. WHAT?!

Thankfully, I am not spending that. In fact, we decided that our wedding will just be a giant party, with dancing, casual food, photos, and s’mores. As we make decisions about how to allot the money within the budget, the biggest thing to keep in mind, I’ve realized, is that the only thing that matters is fun. Will people remember if I had fresh flowers pinned to my jacket, or if the invitations featured doilies or gold foil, or live birds that whistle our favorite Adele song? If a person cares more about how many courses we’re serving than us as a newly married couple, I’m pretty sure we don’t want them there anyways. The mantra is: Spend what is required for us to have a wonderful, memorable time. Nothing else is necessary.

Of course, when I read this to my partner, the first thing out of her mouth was, “Can we get Adele birds?”

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