Style Logs: Let’s Get Adele Birds

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Chelsea Gregoire by Josh Flynn

Photo: Josh Flynn

I was once a January joiner at a gym. I went to the gym twice a week, spent an hour in the weight room, and then did a bunch of cardio. I probably did everything wrong, but it was liberating to know that I was taking control of my life and learning new things in the process.

I respect the people who make New Year’s resolutions. There’s something comforting to me, as a Type A individual, about making goals and planning months in advance. Throw in the fact that this is arguably the biggest year of my life thus far and there is so much to regulate in my life all the time, moral of the story is, I made resolutions. And since we’re new friends, I have decided to let you in on them.

Chelsea is a cocktail consultant and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. She counts herself lucky that she gets to spend her time making delicious beverages, meeting incredible people, and writing about all that she has experienced. She carries a Master of Arts in theological studies, a People's Choice award, and *thankfully* good press. When she isn't out making your local bar more awesome, she is taking pictures of her cat and going on random adventures that usually involve coffee. She is the owner of Drinkable Genius, a beverage consulting company that strives to make beautiful, drinkable works for genius for events, restaurants, and bar programs. You can learn more about Drinkable Genius at