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Tom McCarthy Jr., 27, photojournalist

Any nicknames: Ha, not really.

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He’s on Instagram @robotictom

Motto: Everyday of my life is summer, y’all.

Tom McCarthy Jr. is very much living in the now, but I can’t help to think he would prefer to live in a different time. With each article of clothing hung or shelved in his room, comes a story. He’s 27 years young, but sometimes, his attire strives to make proud the tailored suits of the 1920s. But, depending on the day’s events, he could fast forward to the 90s and pull out the windbreaker –yes, the windbreaker. Despite what era he chooses to channel in his outfits, there is a one commonality: confidence. So, no matter the time period, this guy can pull off any look.

Describe your style.
Varied. I like clothes that have a tailored fit and I also like to be comfortable. In the summer I like bright tanks tops. In the winter I tend more towards a fancy, sharper look. I own and regularly wear a lot of things that I can lend out to friends when they’re looking for costume accessories.

What can’t you live without?
An old-style, above the knee bathing suit. I need to replace my Birdwell’s this year.

You’d never be caught in…
Those moccasin boat shoe loafers that seem to be so popular right now. I’d never make it in DC or Annapolis, which is fine by me.

Who inspires your style?
Hemingway, Spicoli, Sinatra, Sam Cooke –it’s really more about the attitude.

Where do you like to shop?
I don’t really shop. Most of my clothes have been given to me by friends and family.  “Hey Tom, we were at the thrift store and saw this aqua, 90s surfer, snap-up Gotcha vest and had to get it for you.”  My grandma has realized that for sweaters and dress wear basically anything my grandpa would like will also work for me. He’s 96. That’s been really great. That said, H&M has been a good go-to spot to find some well-fitted pants and shirts. And I’ll browse  TJ Maxx or Marshals from time to time. The best stuff is always found stuff, though.

Thoughts on your city’s style:
Baltimore’s fashion style is just as eclectic as everything else in this city. It’s a city lacking in pretense, in a way. Home of the pencil mustache.

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    Thanks for the feature! That was fun. Now I have to figure out how to get my grandma to check it out.


      Haha! And thanks to your grandparents for providing you with awesome vintage:)

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