Style Identified: Anna Baker

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Style Identified: Anna Baker

Anna Baker, 21, student

Nicknames: Mouse or Banana

Her fashion blog:

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This future art teacher lives with her boyfriend in their contemporary chic place in Charles Village.

She can speak fluent German, and considers Deutschland her second home.

Sie ist ein schickes Mädchen. Did I get that right, Anna? (If I didn’t, don’t say anything.)

Describe your style.
I dress for what excites me and I feel like it changes daily. I buy casual, comfortable pieces that I can mix and match with more trendy things. I live in Levis, ballet flats and sweaters. I love rings and earrings and the only necklace you’ll catch me in is a small one my boyfriend got me from Tiffany’s. I also love my saltwater sandals and blouses to layer with.

Style Identified: Anna Baker

What can’t you live without?
My boyfriend, family, best friends, rosebud salve lip balm, coffee, my laptop and iPhone, good food, and lipstick.

You’d never be caught in…
Tights with jeans shorts because it is not flattering on me! But I never say never. There are trends that come back, that you end up loving that you never, ever thought you would.

Who inspires your style?
I am more than obsessed with Olivia Palermo; and I also love Whitney Port, Elin Kling, and Ashley Olsen’s styles.

Where do you like to shop?
I love H&M and Zara. You walk in and see things copied off the runway, season for season, but its a hundred times cheaper! It’s the dream of every fashion girl, who’s on a budget. They have great classic items and they also follow trends for such a good price. The flagship stores of each brand have very beautiful things you can’t find in Baltimore, so I love going to the ones in NYC. I also love Topshop when I am in New York. I love shopping vintage. I find the best things in Paris. I think it’s because the older ladies there have incredible style, and things end up in these little shops with really low prices. When you shop vintage you always find things that should be way more expensive. Like last summer in Paris, I found YSL purse for 50 Euro!

Thoughts on your city’s style:
I think what you see on women depends on where you are in Baltimore. Like every city, there are looks specific to each neighborhood. I love when I see a beautifully dressed person and my heart just stops –I have to stop all activities. It happened in the car this morning, this girl near Hopkins was wearing the greatest boots with this flowing trench coat, she looked like she belonged in Paris, in the midst of all these miserably dressed college students. I almost crashed my car looking at her outfit, ha! I love when that happens in this city!

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