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Oyin Handmade Boutique & Salon. Photo: Olivia Obineme

Oyin Handmade Boutique & Salon. Photo: Olivia Obineme

From mixing in the kitchen to a fully operational company, boutique, and items sold nationwide, Oyin Handmade is now revitalizing and expanding its Baltimore-based shop. Just when you thought their nourishing hair and body products were enough, the natural creatives behind Oyin, Jamyla and Pierre Bennu, renovated their boutique’s Charles Street location to add a hair salon.

With a few natural hairstylists, Oyin Handmade is putting their hair regimens to action, now taking hair clientele into the boutique salon. They’re calling all naturalistas, whether you’ve just had your first big chop or are transitioning, to make Oyin your one-stop shop.

But with the addition of hair service comes additional hours of operation.

You can now enjoy ‘happy hour’ at Oyin. The shop is now open Wednesday to Friday, from 5-9pm. We attended the makeover party, and checked out the new expanded space.

Oyin Handmade Boutique & Salon with owner Jamyla Bennu (center). Photo: Olivia Obineme

Oyin Handmade Boutique & Salon with owner Jamyla Bennu (center). Photo: Olivia Obineme

Once you walk in, you’re welcomed by product shelves on the right, but most importantly, Oyin Handmade staff as the register is now located closer to the front of the store. The white walls have been kept, which continues to give it a clean, contemporary, and ‘everything’s out in the open’ feel.

What’s just a couple of feet away is the salon space, accented with Oyin blue in the rolling hair cart stations for the stylists. The salon is equipped with everything from the seat to drying station. And let’s talk ‘feeling right at home’ –the newly renovated space allows for comfortable seating, as they’ve furnished the shop with an Oyin orange sofa and two plasmas, one in the general shop space and another in the hair salon.

So, if stocking up on your hair products and receiving in-store hair maintenance, treatments, and styling at one location is what you’re looking for, Oyin Handmade is right up your alley.

For more information of on what services are provided and how to make an appointment, check out their site.

Tap on your arrow keys to check out a few more photos of the salon in action. Congrats, Oyin Handmade!

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