Introducing STYLE LOGS

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Style LogsCapturing street style has been one of our staple and ongoing projects for Strangers With Style. We’d hit the streets craving some fresh air outside the confines of our building, and also maybe in search for a cup of coffee, and happen upon some striking beings owning their looks. And we’ve furthered walks in Baltimore into DC. The street style we capture is seen on our Instagram feed. Some of those interactions, however, have led to parties, events, or company for coffee. And wanting to share with you all their stories or thoughts, we questioned if it’s truly up to us to share them. That’s why we’re excited to introduce STYLE LOGS. It’s a new installment, which will give you an inside look at some of the stylish in Baltimore & beyond. You’ll read up on the style diaries of a new face, each month. And perhaps, you’ll find inspiration and tips, places to go, and more from their entries. More importantly, you’ll get to meet some new people, or recognize a few through this series.

So, be on the lookout.

Creator & managing editor of Strangers With Style. Happiest when her work allows others to shine, too. Lover of collabs, social media, blogging, fashion, food & the color blue.