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Photography by Jonathan Hanson

Baltimore has an “it is what it is” attitude. And because its urban dwellers have accepted it, it’s time that you do, too.

Embracing its own unique character and sense of charm has only been beneficial to the city. There’s more creative freedom when moving beyond outside expectations. And already known for its go-getter style, many of those who call Baltimore home are making moves.

That’s why we’re proud to present Strangers With Style’s Creatively Cool list. It’s our first group of 11 talented outside-the-box thinkers, who are natives or Baltimore converts.

There’s no age to creativity, and these city slickers prove you can make your own success and be your own inspiration. From the musically inclined to the business savvy, these individuals show you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s liking. Everyone has a different sense of style, and there is nothing better than owning it.

Get to know the awesome talents of these beautiful people of Baltimore…

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  • Diamond Newman

    I just wanted to say thank you Olivia for asking the questions and thank you, Deana, for answering them. As a leader, a millennial, a doer, and a thinker, I am excited to hear about what other young people are doing and what they are doing to get there. A little piece of inspiration for me for the day.

    Thank you.

    My Best,
    Diamond Newman