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How often do you visit Baltimore? When was your most recent visit?

We visit Baltimore a lot for personal and professional reasons. We were just in Baltimore for the “Luv Is He-ART” event held at the New Beginnings barber shop on Hollins Street, Nkemlife helped to throw the event in Baltimore. It was a fun community block party that helped bring everyone out of their houses and enjoy a fun safe night with live music, poetry, art, fellowship and food.  It was a great night, with great people.

How up to date are you on organizations (established and/or new) that are working on changing, revitalizing, or revolutionizing the city? 

CC: For one Strangers with style LOL.

Well, thanks, haha.

CC: But personally we feel like we are connected to Baltimore based on the organizations we stay up to date with like, Love Mentoring, Fred’s Comedy Shows, Liberation Institute, LBS (Leaders Of a Beautiful Struggle Baltimore), Greater Baltimore Urban League, RAW Baltimore, Baltimore’s Men Enterprise Network, Urban Arts Leadership Program, GBCA (Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance), Baltimore’s Artscape, Peace by Piece, and BMoreGreek. We are not from Baltimore so it’s impossible for us to be as update as the locals and natives of Baltimore. But, we try our best to stay up to date with things occurring in Baltimore because we consider Baltimore to be a second home, we usually are up there a lot for different events or to visit family or friends.

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Where do you usually hang out when you do come to Baltimore?

While in Baltimore, we usually go all over to different parts like Woodlawn, Cockeysville, Randallstown [to] Owings Mills and Ellicott City, The Harbor, Sankofa…Security Mall for their amazing  beauty salon, Euphoria, Charles street, Hunt valley, etc. We also REALLY LOVE to shop on West 36th street [in Hampden], especially when it’s a farmer’s market event or to visit vintage spots. ½ of NkemLife used to live in a house on Moravia Road in inner city Baltimore, so sometimes we go back there to hit up some of our favorite food spots.  Besides that, we usually come and visit a lot of museums or grab drinks by Fed Hill.

When keeping up with what goes on in the city, as visitors, how do you receive your information about the city, like media outlets, blogs, etc?

NkemLife: We gain our information on Baltimore through several  different outlets, like CreativeMornings Baltimore, Creative Alliance, LBS Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle Baltimore, and of course from our local and national news. But our main personal source of information comes from our friends and family who live there, many of which were born and raised there.

We may be seen as outsiders to the naked eye because we are not from there, but we have lived there and we feel very attached to the city. It is important to have conversations like this with people who are not from Baltimore because people need to see how the world sees them and vice versa.

For years people have not included Baltimore into the DMV which makes no sense because Baltimore is a part of Maryland but we think it just speak to the truth of how we feel like people have forgotten about Baltimore. When we say people we mean “outsiders.”

Baltimore is growing and changing for the better, we hope to be part of that change by breaking down the social barriers and helping to make Baltimore become a part of the DMV family. D.C. and Baltimore City are like brothers and sisters. Change will come when we begin to work together to advance, maybe Governor Hogan should of pass the bill for the RED Line after all, haha.


Photography by Kelvin Bulluck; Photo Assisted by Erik Hoffman; Creative Direction & Styling by Olivia Obineme; Special thanks to shoot locations Doubledutch Boutique and Sixteen Tons.

Creator & managing editor of Strangers With Style. Happiest when her work allows others to shine, too. Lover of collabs, social media, blogging, fashion, food & the color blue.

  • Nas

    Moravia Rd!! (Although I’m not sure if the contest response should be posted here or on IG

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      Nas! You need to head to to answer. Go, go, go!

  • Zadia

    12 lived on Moravia rd. Cool

  • Amma Mama

    Love them, their authenticity, confidence and overall blog! It’s actually one of my FAV blogs to read. They’ve accomplished a lot in one year of blog life. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for #Blessings <3

  • Bisola

    I enjoyed this post about the sisters from I’ve been following them from the beginning. It’s definitely refreshing to see the expressions of Nigerian-Americans on a digital platform. It encourages my own writing on my blog, Gidi & Pearls. Olivia thanks for this series!