Creatively Cool 2015: Justin Timothy Temple

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Justin Timothy Temple. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Charm City Yoga Art Director Justin Timothy Temple. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck


There’s no missing Justin Timothy Temple, 32, if you happen to pass by him on the street.

We’ve spotted the Charm City Yoga art director and teacher in everything from stripes to polka dots. And course, never missing from his outfits, is color. In fact, Temple sort of recalls the last time he wore all black.

“I probably did it last winter,” he said. “If I was going to do it, that would be when it was.”

During his photo shoot for the Creatively Cool feature, nothing of his outfits were hard to figure out. A pretty simple choice of wardrobe was, however, powerful and popped.

In between wardrobe changes, Temple was visibly in contemplation, staring down at his shoes with one hand on his hips, the other cradling his chin. And then, he looked up. “It’s like when minimal meets Skittles,” he said.


But for Temple, having style isn’t a fashion statement. “[It’s about] just expressing yourself honestly. It’s not something that has anything to do with the clothes on your back,” he said. And a part of self-expression for him includes practicing yoga.

It was only a few years ago Temple decided to take a couple of yoga sessions with some friends for fun. Now, the Baltimore native is in charge of translating and molding the brand identity of the ever-growing Baltimore-based chain of yoga studios, Charm City Yoga. The practice is clearly a major part of his lifestyle.

“I think it is a highly individualized form of self-expression, creativity, and being present with form,” Temple said.

And it’s also a learning guide for the dedicated yogi outside of the studio.

“When you practice everyday, you get to notice your patterns, physical and emotional. So say I decide to stop practice, what’s the reason? Is it because its just got too hard? Is that ever a reason to stop doing anything? That being said, how can that parallel to my life off the mat? Am I going to live my life quitting things when they get difficult, or seemingly impossible? Instead, when I find my emotional edge and I start to feel panicked, I going to work on finding calm and steadiness in it so I can strategize my actions and get through whatever difficulty exists in life.”

Oh, to be that stylish and deep.

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