Creatively Cool 2015: Amy Sherald

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Favorite thing to do in Baltimore?  

AS: Hanging out anywhere near the water.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about doing your own thing, so far?  

AS: It always works, but I always feel my best when I’m being me.

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

And you’re doing your work at your residency at Creative Alliance. How is that going, so far?
AS: It’s going great. It’s wonderful to be in such a great space, and be surrounded with wonderful people and a supportive staff.  I love being able to live and work in the same space, and I am making the most of my time there!

So, what’s next for you? Any upcoming projects/collaborations we should stay tuned for?

AS: I have an upcoming show in Chicago next year at Monique Meloche gallery that I’m really excited about.

Amy Sherald is also the guest speaker for this month’s CreativeMornings Baltimore talk. She’ll be breaking down the theme of ’empathy’ at the Creative Alliance. Head to for more.

Photography by Kelvin Bulluck; Creative Direction & Styling by Olivia Obineme.

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