Creatively Cool 2015: Amy Sherald

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Our shoot with you was quite the athletic one… are you always this energized?

AS: Yes, haha. Well, until I’m not… but mostly.

We could totally see you rocking a sporty chic look …like that one ensemble with the white and gold New Balance’s. But tell us, what’s your true style?

AS: I’m a boots and dress kind of girl. I value comfortability so if I can pair my Stan Smiths or my Frye boots with [it], I love it.  I admire the colors, patterns, and shapes of Solange Knowles wardrobe, but also the simplicity of, say, Angelina Jolie. Simple lines, black, gray, or white. My favorite designers are Cushnie et Ochs their designs are 100% me.

If you could add one item of clothing or accessory to your wardrobe that you don’t already have, what would it be and from where or whom?

AS: Anything from the Cushnie et Ochs collection or William Okpo.

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

What’s one look you were wearing, five years ago, that you would never wear now…aka regrets…  

AS: I can’t recall anything that bad, but I’m pretty sure my friend  Christina could because she gives me the side eye at some of my fashion choices all the time because she works in the industry. I do the same thing to her though when she looks at art from Pier 1 so I guess we are even ha! She has taught me everything I know though.

So, where do you usually shop?

AS: Zara, Gilt, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Nordstroms Rack, and second hand boutiques in New York when I can.

Any Baltimore shops that are a must for adding to your wardrobe?

AS: I mostly shop online.. but I have found some great pieces at Double Dutch or Urban Chic.

How do you feel about the city’s sense of style?  

AS: I don’t dress the same here as I would in NY where I might rock heels just because it’s a pretty casual city in my opinion, so I tend to dress down.

You’d never be found in…

AS: Those stupid knitted barefoot sandals.

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