By Day & By Night: Ms. Sara, The Working Artist

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Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

SWS: Your style inspirations?

MS: Growing up, there was this musician, Robin Pleur, and she was really funky—she wore big hats and foofy dresses. As the singer of the band, I like to be the focus. If you have a professional appearance and you sound good, people will be like, “She knows what she’s doing; she’s got it together.”

SWS: Your musical inspiration?

MS: Growing up I was interested in opera and musical theatre, and striving for perfection when I discovered Joni Mitchell’s music. I realized emotion and storytelling moved me more. Obviously I want to be the best musician I can but perfect is never the end game.

SWS: Where we can find your music?

MS: My album, “Inside Out,” is coming out soon on iTunes and Bandcamp with free streaming. You can also find me on my website,, and my Facebook page.


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