By Day & By Night: Ms. Sara, The Working Artist

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Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

SWS: Fashion piece you can’t live without…

MS: My Doc Martens boots.

SWS: You’d never be caught in…

MS: Unless forced to, high heels. No more. There’s still other cute shoes to be had.

SWS: Thoughts on Baltimore and its style…

MS: I like that people have that realness and are not afraid to tell you what they really think. People won’t give you lip-service, and I like that. In terms of style, I really like when people color their hair with crazy colors.

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As a professional writer and editor, Hanni Werner has worked on a variety of journalism and communication projects, mostly in and around Baltimore City. She is particularly interested in exploring the unique flavor of Baltimore—both its successes and challenges. Communities are built on the stories of individuals, and those are her favorite ones to tell.

  • Steve

    You go, Sara! Nice article too.