By Day & By Night: Ms. Sara, The Working Artist

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In Her Voice

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Strangers With Style: Describe your style.

Ms. Sara: I like to wear stuff from thrift stores—weird little dresses.

SWS: One thing no one knows about you…

MS: I sometimes lie about my age.

SWS: One thing you can’t live without…

MS: Coffee.

SWS: Favorite places to shop…

MS: Here, I’ve been to Hunting Ground, Value Village, and Dubois. I got the best 80s prom dress there for a local bike party at Seton Hill back in May.

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As a professional writer and editor, Hanni Werner has worked on a variety of journalism and communication projects, mostly in and around Baltimore City. She is particularly interested in exploring the unique flavor of Baltimore—both its successes and challenges. Communities are built on the stories of individuals, and those are her favorite ones to tell.

  • Steve

    You go, Sara! Nice article too.