By Day & By Night: Ms. Sara, The Working Artist

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“When I go up there, I want to look like I deserve to be there,” Sara says. “I wear really formal black dresses and fancy shoes or booties. I often try to wear something inappropriately dressy or abnormally bright.”

At local thrift stores, Sara finds classic vintage dresses from the 50s and 60s that are dressy yet toned back. Sometimes, depending on where she is on tour, she can find great results at Goodwill stores across the country, like a kimono she found at one in California.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Besides for singing, Sara is also passionate softball and staying active. For her, the freedom of working on her bike, singing onstage, and attending softball games brings back the days of carefree childhood, and it’s something she’s not about to give up soon.

“Right now, I’m just turning back the clock,” Sara says. “At some point, people feel they have to grow up, but I feel like it’s a lie that we trick ourselves with. You don’t have to be what people want you to be if it’s not what you really want.”

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