By Day & By Night: Ms. Sara, The Working Artist

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Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Sara Kryscio, 32, is a singer who doesn’t need lip service. Throughout her life and through her music, she has preserved an authentic and agile energy. “If I’m going to have this life, I’d rather make it in my own creative way,” she says.

Working as a bike messenger by day and singer by night, she literally gets to do that.

“Ms. Sara,” as she’s known professionally, has been a musician her whole life, since the days her father, a folk and classic rock singer, brought her onstage to perform with him at his shows in Wisconsin. Coming to DC as an adult, she worked as a clerk in a downtown law office, but her heart wasn’t in it. Now, since moving to Baltimore and working as a bike messenger to support her singing career, professionally, she’s the happiest she’s ever been and flexible to pursue her dreams as a singer.

Fashion plays a big role at both of Sara’s jobs. Working as a bike messenger is fun but also physically demanding. Her work clothes require mobility and adaptability, so in the summer, it’s functional shorts and t-shirts. With a skirt on top of her shorts and her guitar swung over her shoulder, she’s set to go straight from deliveries to gigs.

Most of the time, however, she prefers a more professional appearance at her shows.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

Photo: Tom McCarthy Jr.

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