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Like two peas in a pod –with beanies.

Ok, let’s just say this couple knows how to rock a similar style, and not overdo it.

“I know he used to order a lot from online,” she said.

His sweatshirt says it best. “Yea, I like supporting artists.”

She doesn’t need to venture far for her look either. “I work at Urban Outfitters. I’m an Urban fiend!”

Hip never looked so good.

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  • Chinwe

    I saw these two at Milk & Honey on Sunday! I noticed them because of her film camera and they looked so stinkin’ cute :)

    Great blog here! Keep up the good work.


      Hi Chinwe!
      I totally agree with you! Very cute, indeed.
      Thanks for the feedback. Cheers! -O

  • Brita W

    Lovely beanies!