5Qs With: Katie Boyts

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CreativeMornings Baltimore founder Katie Boyts. Photo: Katie Boyts

CreativeMornings Baltimore founder Katie Boyts. Photo: Katie Boyts

It’s been no secret. Strangers with Style has been in partnership with CreativeMornings for a little over two years. Prior to having any interest in getting involved, the then-pastry chef at Dooby’s running the Baltimore chapter was on our radar for our 2015 Creatively Cool. Here was someone successfully gathering makers and doers for talks on various topics, in the morning –and on a Friday, no less. And in that was another opportunity for us, here at Strangers With Style, to bring such an organization to the attention of you, our readers, to discover another outlet for creativity, inspiration, and even help mold the local chapter into your own.

LOVE the poet, Steve Powers, Deana Haggag, Tiffany Jones, Baynard Woods, Amy Sherald, Max Bent & Jamaal Blackroot Collier, Mary Mashburn & Allison Fisher, Ellen Lupton are just some of the speakers that graced the different stages of  CMBal talks with the chapter’s founder.

And after two years, CMBal founder Katie Boyts stepped down and asked me, Olivia, to move forward the breakfast talk series. And as one may see conflict in that, to accept it was not, as the basis of the organization, which started out in New York City, aligns with the goals of Strangers With Style to continue expanding on the mission of creating more spotlight for the many in this city who are doing some amazing, interesting things. Boyts, who has been a dear colleague and friend, has been a key community member having brought something poignant and substantial to create more room for conversation and motivation. It’ll be exciting what new journey the future holds for the chapter.

But it is a move that is bittersweet. A city, she has described as a “YES city,” and having built a base for herself here, Boyts is just a traveler at heart. Originally from Texas, with extended family in Kansas, she’s called cities Portland, Santa Fe, Charleston, and states Indiana and New Hampshire home, too.

And now, in a matter of days, she’ll be on a flight to Australia. But before she embarks on her new adventure, she’ll be on stage, once again, for CreativeMornings, but as the guest speaker, discussing December’s theme of TIME, at Center Stage.

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