5Qs With: J.M. Giordano, City Paper

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5Qs With LogoThere’s always something new happening with Creative Mornings, and this month is no different. We’ve partnered up with the Baltimore chapter to give you a taste of who these upcoming speakers are, and maybe, what you can expect to hear during their talks. It’s something we’d like to call, 5Qs With. That’s five questions we ask, and they answer.

This month, we’re talking Climate. City Paper’s photo editor and award-winning photojournalist Joseph M. Giordano will be sharing his thoughts on the topic, this Friday.

Joe Giordano. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

J.M. Giordano. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

The Dundalk native is no stranger to sparking conversation and controversy. He recently finished a show at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, showcasing portraits he took of known figures of the civil rights and black power movements. Giordano also spent a summer conducting multimedia documentation of shootings scenes in Baltimore in a series called, “Summer of the Gun.” He’ll be addressing those projects during this month’s talk.

And just today, City Paper released its annual sex issue, featuring an “extremely controversial” cover, according to the photo editor.

Giordano’s talents aren’t just in photography. He writes, too. Several of his earlier adult years were spent in the UK, where he didn’t photograph for 7 years, but instead, he wrote. He worked for a several publications, while in Prague, and even earned himself a Hemingway award for a short story he had written. It wasn’t until he moved back to the States when he put down the pen and picked up his camera again. “America is such a visual culture that I didn’t have anything else to write,” he said. “It was all with my eye.”

We met up with Giordano and chatted about City Paper and his upcoming CMBal talk, over coffee at Dooby’s. Here’s our 5Qs With.

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