5Qs With: Chris LaMartina

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5Qs With Logo“When I started making movies, I really didn’t think I was going to be making eight of them.”

A creative director at the Hampden-based agency 15Four, Chris LaMartina is also a horror filmmaker. His love for a good scare goes as far back as his childhood, when curiosity got the best of him.

“My brother, gosh, when I was probably three or four, and he was like eight or nine, he would watch stuff like Predator or like The Monster Squad,” he recalled, “and um, I’d be running around the room, playing with Masters of the Universe figures, or whatever, and I would go and peek over his shoulder, and get scared shitless by these movies.”

“Oh, and my aunt, who used to watch me a lot of the time, she was a very superstitious Italian Catholic.”

During the 7th grade at a Catholic school, LaMartina remembers having a lot of his conversations with his “urban legend-believing” aunt going much like, “Christopher, you need me to tape what?! Killer Condom? Christopher, I’m not taping that!”

“But then she would do it,” he said. “Like she would act like it’s so offensive, but then the next morning before school, I’d stop by my grandparents’ house, and there’d be a tape that says ‘Killer Condoms Cinemax.’ She is awesome, man.”

Baltimore horror filmmaker Chris LaMartina. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Baltimore horror filmmaker Chris LaMartina. Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Now married and living out his adulthood, LaMartina is currently making another movie, the eighth one, called What Happens Next Will Scare You. It’s a feat the filmmaker thinks is a good start, but feels he can accomplish much more.

“I don’t even think what I do is impressive. I mean, to a certain degree, it’s impressive to finish a movie, but I’m not what I want to be at career-wise,” he said.

“When I started making movies, I thought, oh, I’ll make one of these, two of these, then I’ll probably have to get a real job and I’ll have to surrender any artistic aspirations. But, I think I have been very carful to grow up but not to grow old, and fulfill that need to create artistically.”

We had a stoop-like session with LaMartina on the great steps of the Baltimore Art Museum. LaMartina will be speaking there, this Friday, as the latest speaker for CreativeMornings Baltimore. This month’s theme is SHOCK.

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