5Qs With: Cara Ober

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Photo: Kelvin Bulluck

Where were you when you decided that you were going to start BmoreArt? How did it come about?

In 2007 I had just finished my MFA at MICA and I was exhibiting my paintings in DC, where there were lots of art blogs. I have always loved the act of writing and had written art reviews for a few local magazines, so it just made sense to start an art blog for Baltimore.

One goal I had was to create a space where Baltimore’s artists could find out about exhibits and openings on any given weekend, because the art community is so diverse and varied. It’s hard to keep up with it all and communities are divided into all in these smaller pockets. I would go and see great exhibits and projects, but so many people were missing out on them because they didn’t know about them. I wanted to create an online source that actually made it easier for people to show up in person. BmoreArt still publishes a weekly ‘Picks’ post on Tuesdays that helps Baltimore’s creative community plan their weekend. We don’t publish every event or exhibit, but select the ones we consider the best.

The other thing I did, usually with writing and photography collaborators over the years, was to create an online archive of past exhibits and projects. Art is ephemeral; once the exhibit comes down it’s almost as if it never happened—unless someone documents it. As mainstream press cut back more and more on their arts coverage, it was important for me to preserve the amazing efforts, collaborations, and events that happen in Baltimore. Also, to emphasize just how good the art is here and to voice constructive criticism when necessary.

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